50 mm Vent Filter

50mm vent filters are ideal for venting of fermenter and bioreactor, gas purifying, gas sterile filtration application. Featured by 19.6cm2 filtration area and stepped hose barb connections, it is provided with sterile packing and non-sterile packing.


  • Sterile venting of filling vessels and carboys
  • Autoclave venting
  • Low volume sterile filtration of non-aqueous fluids
  • In-line sterilization of and particulate removal from air and gases

Membrane Materials: hydrophobic PTFE reinforced with polypropylene

Housing: Polypropylene Ultrasonically welded

Filter Area: 19.6 cm2

Air Flow Rate: 27L and 32L /min@1bar

Outer Diameter: 60 mm

Overall Length: 63 mm

Maximum Operating Pressure: 3.5 bar 

VF50ANPPT002AC0150 mm Vent Filter, PTFE 0.20 µm
VF50ASPPT002AX0150 mm Vent Filter, PTFE 0.20 µm - Sterile
VF50ASPPT004AX0150 mm Vent Filter, PTFE 0.45 µm - Sterile
VF50ANPPT004AC0150 mm Vent Filter, PTFE 0.45µm