Bottle-top Filters - ZapCap

For filtration of medium volumes, cell culture media and HPLC solutions. Complete 500 ml units with tubing nozzle for attaching to bottles (bottle-top). Connection seals on any standard bottles 33 to 45 mm. Membrane diameter 76 mm, filter area 39.2 cm2

  • ZapCap-S with included glass fiber prefilter for high flow rates
  • ZapCap-S Plus with integral glass fiber prefilter for very high flow rates
  • ZapCap-CR, the chemical-resistant bottle-top filter

Can be used up to 50ºC

ZapCap-S - Filtration of cell culture media

  • Cellulose acetate membrane filters (CA) with extremely low protein binding for cell culture media and other aqueous solutions
  • Sterile filtration of solutions which cannot be autoclaved

ZapCap-S Plus - Sterile filtration and clarification of difficult-to-filter aqueous solutions

ZapCap-CR - Filtration of HPLC solutions

  • Polyamide membrane filters (NYL) for filtering down to 0.2 µm in HPLC/FPLC solutions when the column packing is 10 μm
  • PTFE membrane filters for filtering down to 0.45 µm in organic solutions; strong acids or aldehydes
10443411ZapCap-S, cellulose acetate, 0.45 μm, sterile, Polystyrene
10443421ZapCap-CR, nylon, 0.2 μm, Polypropylene
10443423ZapCap-CR, nylon, 0.45 μm, Polypropylene
10443425ZapCap-CR, PTFE, 0.45 μm, Polypropylene
10443430ZapCap-S PLUS, cellulose acetate w/ glass fiber prefilter, 0.2 μm, sterile,
10443435ZapCap-S PLUS, cellulose acetate w/ glass fiber prefilter, 0.45 μm, sterile,
10443401ZapCap-S, cellulose acetate, 0.2 μm, sterile, Polystyrene